Return and Cancellation Policy

We use shopify payments and accept visa, mastercard, google pay, apple pay and UnionPay card payments. Please read our refund policy in detail.

1. Cancel the order: We need to deduct the official handling fee of shopify payments and return the remaining amount. The handling rate is approximately 1.7%-3%. Please be careful when canceling your order.

2. We adjust your order based on the actual inventory in our warehouse. Out-of-stock products will be removed from your order and refunded.

Products such as vegetables and frozen meat products need to be paid based on actual weight.

Please understand that products such as fresh lotus root, Chinese cabbage, frozen meat, etc. are usually larger in size, usually exceeding 500g. But we use 500 grams as the minimum sales unit. We sell vacuum packed products in their original packaging and do not repackage them.

If the actual weight of your product exceeds the minimum sales unit, we will ask you to pay the remaining amount. Hope you understand.

We update the final amount of your order and send you an email. Check your email carefully to see if you are getting a refund or must pay the remaining amount. A paper invoice will also be included with the shipment.

3. If there is an error in the delivery of the goods, please contact customer service within 24 hours. We will return or exchange the goods according to the situation.

4. If the above conditions are not met, the food will not be returned or exchanged after it is sold.

5. The refund cycle for Shopify payments is 7-10 days, and a refund notification will be sent to the customer's email. Please wait patiently for the refund after receiving the refund email.