Pentai 海南鸡饭酱 730ml Chicken Rice Sauce


The base of this sauce is soybean paste. For a premium taste, Pantai added chili, ginger, and black soy sauce to the mix. The result: a very tasty Thai style Chicken Rice Sauce. Pantai is a well-known brand that specializes in producing a wide range of Asian food products, particularly those from Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. They are recognized for offering high-quality, authentic, and traditional Asian ingredients and dishes that allow consumers to recreate the flavors of Asia at home. Chicken Rice Sauce 730ml is a good example of the quality Pantai provides. Pantai products are commonly sold in Asian grocery stores, specialty food shops, online marketplaces and used in restaurants. So you can proudly offer Chicken Rice Sauce 730ml knowing Pantai selects pesticide-free vegetables from 100% safe farming.


SOYbean paste (30%) (SOYbeans, salt, WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), sugar), water, garlic, sugar, chili pepper, ginger, black SOY sauce (water, SOYbean extract, WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), salt, sugar), acidity regulator (E260, E327, E331), flavor enhancers (E631, E627), stabilizers (E418). Storage conditions: store cool and dry. Keep refrigerated after opening.